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1 In 5 Men Has Low Sex Drive, Here's Why And How To Deal With It


Men always want sex? It’s a belief held across our culture, a staple of what makes a man, a man. But is this real? Our focus centers so much around their unwavering desire for sex that the men lacking this trademark attribute are often afraid to share; feeding even more into the image that all men want sex all the time.

But do all men really want sex, all the time? Though it may seem contradictory, the answer is no. In fact, a low sex drive is projected to affect “at least 20 to 25%” of adult males [1].

This lack of or lowered sexual desire often creates issues within a relationship, as differing levels of desire lead to chronically pending contention. The resulting stress from the relationship disturbance then can amount to all sorts of new issues, causing a whole chain of adverse events.

What Causes Low Sex Drive?

The causes range from physiological imbalances such as low testosterone, one of the primary male hormones, to exercise habits. Often, it can be attributed to…

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