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23 incredible black women whose words of wisdom you need to hear.

Trust and listen to black women. This bears repeating: Trust and listen to black women.

We have not steered you wrong yet.

We built this country with grit and grace. We are smart. We are accomplished. We are talented beyond measure. We’re leading start-ups and business empires. We’re changing narratives. We’re making art. We’re making a difference. And yet, we are left behind, ignored, and underrepresented time and time again.

Yes, “Hidden Figures” is winning awards, but not before the real women that the movie was based on were summarily erased from history for over 50 years. Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images.

But that pattern ends today. It’s time to start listening.

Here’s the three-step process for listening to black women:

  1. Listen to what black women have to say.
  2. Share what…

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