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7 Songs You Didn't Know R. Kelly Wrote

Kelly has written over a dozen songs for veteran soul group The Isley Brothers, including 11 out 12 songs on 2003’s Body Kiss. But any fan of R. Kelly’s 33-chapter Trapped in the Closet opus will likely appreciate 2001’s “Contagious” the most.

Here we see the return of Ron Isley’s Mr. Biggs, first seen in Kelly’s video for “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)” in 1995. In a lyrical play-by-play, Isley reveals how he learned Chanté Moore has been cheating on him in his own home: “And then I turned the TV down/’cause I know I heard a squeaky sound.” The dramatic confrontation between Isley, Moore, and Kelly at the video’s 3:35 mark stylistically foreshadows everything we’d come to love about Trapped in the Closet four years later.

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