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8 Celebrities Who Are Great at the Last Thing You’d Expect

For two generations Ed O’Neill has been known to viewers as the bad-tempered TV dad with the big-boobed wife, thanks to Married With Children and Modern Family. In the former, his entire persona was centered around being a huge slob, so it’s hard to shake the image of O’Neill as the pathetic has-been who barely has the energy to get up from his couch.

This might help though:

Black belt or not, nobody comes between Al and his nudie mags.

That’s Al Bundy himself, now in his late 60s, using his expert knowledge in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which he has been practicing for over two decades. Even more impressive than the fact he’s been at it for so long is who he learned jiu-jitsu from: O’Neill rolls with the Gracie family, one of the most legendary groups in martial arts. If life were a kung fu movie, they’d be the wise old masters on the top of a mountain. And they personally gave a black belt to…

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