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Adorable Puppies Survive Fatal Avalanche After Being Trapped For 5 Days

The puppies defied all odds and survived.

Credit: Hotel Rigopiano

In what turned out to be a fatal avalanche in Abruzzo, Italy, a bit of good news emerged from the incident that left 29 people dead in Hotel Rigopiano. The resort hotel collapsed after a massive avalanche hit the building and trapped nearly 40 people inside for several days.

Five days after the avalanche hit the hotel, search and rescue teams came across a beacon of hope for those left undiscovered. Despite all odds, 3 one and a half month old Abruzzo Sheepdogs were found alive in the hotel’s boiler room huddled together. The dogs belonged to the hotel and had become popular on Facebook, and many offered their condolences when it was presumed that they had all died in the avalanche.

Credit: Vigili del Fuoco

When the team was sifting through the rubble around where the puppies were trapped, they…

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