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This App Lets You Know If Your House is Haunted

This App Lets You Know If Your House is Haunted

Outside of termites in the walls, squirrels in the attic or someone’s uncle living under the floor, nothing causes buyer’s remorse after a home purchase like finding out the place is haunted. Fortunately – to resurrect the ghost of a dead cliché – there’s an app for that. A real estate company in Hong Kong has branched out into ghost-hunting with a new app that allows customers to use their smartphones to find out if a building is haunted. Does this remind anyone of a game?

Asif Ghafoor, founder and CEO of the online real estate company Spacious, admits he was inspired by Pokemon Go – or more specifically, by the concept of augmented reality that made Pokemon Go go.

Augmented reality is something we’d been thinking about for a while. After Pokemon Go came out at the end of July, the success of that made us realise the potential for our app. We think it’s a technological first. We don’t think anyone else has done…

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