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Artist Gets Cancer In His ‘Third Eye,’ And The Resulting Paintings Are Mesmerizing

Whether you believe in the third eye or not, these paintings are incredible.

Credit: Shawn Thornton

A person’s ‘third eye’ and whether it is even real or not has long been disputed, with some theorizing that the third eye is actually in a human’s pineal gland and others say it doesn’t exist at all. In a nutshell, the third eye, which is also called the mind’s eye, is described as a person’s invisible eye that allows them sense things that cannot be physically seen.

One theory that many have embraced is that the pineal gland, which rests between the two hemispheres of the brain and maintains light sensitivity and produces melatonin, is actually a human’s third eye. This theory derived from the thought that over time, a person’s third eye receded into the brain and became invisible while still functioning behind the scenes.

Credit: Shawn Thornton

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