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Artist Takes Polaroid Photo Everyday For 18 Years And Captures His Own Death

He didn’t know it yet, but 18 years after starting this photo project this artist would capture his own death.

Credit: Jamie Livingstone (Taken 6/6/79)

When Jamie Livingstone, a native New Yorker and college student at Bard College, obtained a Polaroid SX-70, he never thought it would became a central part of his daily life. After having the camera for awhile, he realized that he was taking about one photo per day and decided to stick with the habit. His project went on for so long that he knew he would have to continue taking photos until production of Polaroid film stopped or he died; no one expected the latter to happen.

Credit: Jamie Livingstone (Taken 3/31/79)

Livingstone began his project in March of 1979 while he was a senior in college. His photos contain a range of subjects, from selfies to shots of friends to documenting his life as a creative. The series…

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