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A Boy Strangled A 4-Year-Old To Death For A Childish Reason. It'll Break Your Heart

The murder of a child is always heartbreaking, but when the killer is also a kid? The grief is unimaginable for everyone involved.

In 2015, an 11-year-old boy in Florida openly admitted that he strangled four-year-old Brayden Trahen to death. The boys lived in a trailer park with their mothers, Kyra Trahen and Vanessa Jones, who are married. Sadly, the family has experienced numerous troubles in the past, including incarceration, beatings, molestation, prostitution, and homelessness.

According to reports, the 11-year-old strangled his young stepbrother because he was “in a mood.” His anger stemmed from the fact that his parents were too broke to buy him birthday presents.