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Captivating Photo Series Depicts The Day-To-Day Reality Of Living With Depression

The dark symbolism and minimalistic themes in this series do an excellent job portraying what bouts of depression are like for many people.

Credit: Gabriel Isak

For those who suffer from depression or have so in the past, it’s an established fact that the affliction is more than just ‘feeling sad’. Despite peoples’ good intentions and advice to “remain positive” and “just don’t think about it,” doing so is nearly impossible.

An individual who knows this to be true is Gabriel Isak. During a trying time in the Swedish photographer’s life, he used his bout with depression as inspiration to create a compelling photo series. As MyModernMet shares, the images below document the struggles people who suffer from depression face, both internally and externally.

“The series came to be just when I got into photography again, after having faced depression…

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