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Chocolatier Makes Candy Shoes

Things can get a bit weird in Japan. Take these shoes for instance. They aren’t meant to be worn; they are meant to be eaten. I mean sure they look like normal men’s dress shoes, but they are actually made from chocolate.

They are something known as “sokkuri” sweets in Japan, which means “lookalike”. These bad boys are size ten US and sell for 29,160 yen or about $259, so they’re about the same price as a nice pair of leather shoes.

If you buy the chocolate shoes, you also get size a shoehorn and shoe cream both made of chocolate. These are sold out now, but were available at the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka. I really feel for the dude in the GIFs below. He’s not sure if these are shoes or not and seems utterly shocked that they were candy.

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