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This College Student Sent Her TA A Hilariously Inappropriate Email After Her Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Chances are, you’re familiar with the rite of passage that is the drunk dial. Once you’ve hit the bottle a little too hard, you have no choice but to pick up your phone and call inappropriate audiences. Another substance-related rite of passage, it seems, is the inappropriate behavior after wisdom tooth surgery.

Anesthesia and painkillers certainly work some magic on us mere mortals — we can’t help but think we’re celebrities or sing wildly offensive songs…. Or send unusual emails? College student Abby Jo Hamele is officially joining the club of people with embarrassing /epic post-surgery tales. 

The 19-year-old undergraduate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln required “a lot of hydrocodone” whilst recovering from surgery — and it had some side effects. For example, she confused her current dog for her former dog who passed away… And things got sad. 

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