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Curious Diver Interrupts An Octopus In The Middle Of A Hunt, And Quickly Realizes His Mistake

The octopus is a fascinating creature for a number of reasons: it’s pretty elusive, looks unusual with its eight arms, and is known to be extremely intelligent.  With the exception of a few species, most octopuses are rather shy, solitary animals, and many can even squirt ink to evade enemies!

So it’s only natural to assume that octopuses aren’t necessarily fond of confrontation, and they’ll do anything they can to avoid it at all costs. Why deal with danger when you can just disappear in a murky cloud of ink?

Unfortunately, this diver didn’t get the memo about respecting an octopus’s personal space. When he got a bit too close, the octopus did something that would make anyone feel intimidated!

This octopus was…

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