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‘The Daily Show’ Torches General Flynn, Trump’s ‘Racist’ National Security Advisor


The man who is about to handle the nation’s intelligence is prone to retweeting conspiracy theories, sharing anti-Semitic messages, and good old-fashioned Islamophobia.

It was, by all accounts, a rocky start for Trevor Noah at The Daily Show. The fresh-faced, relatively unknown South African comedian had been given the unenviable task of succeeding one of the great modern-day bullshit-callers in Jon Stewart—a job that half of Hollywood, from Amy Schumer to Chris Rock, turned down. And not only was Noah acclimating himself to a new culture, but he was also thrown directly into the fire, with his first stint as host occurring on September 28, 2015, mere months after reality show provocateur Donald Trump had declared his presidential candidacy with a racist anti-Mexican speech.

A little over a year later, Noah has finally hit his groove. His live election night broadcast exhibited genuine despair, capturing the mood of much of the nation, while his sharp

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