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This Daring Fish Pulled A 'Finding Nemo' Move To Escape His Owners

If you’ve ever had a pet fish, chances are you’ve also attended a toilet bowl funeral. It seems that these smaller, non-furry pets always meet unintended and tragic ends… Perhaps we shouldn’t discuss this any further, lest we bring back any suppressed childhood memory. 

However, the Internet recently unearthed a tragic gem in the form of a pet fish video. 18-year-old Brooke Essick from Kernersville, North Carolina, and her friend Macy Carmichael were attempting to care for their shared fish, Dane, when disaster struck. 

What began as a routine water change turned into a tragic (but a little bit hilarious) tale. Luckily, Carmichael caught the whole thing on video. 

After Dane is plopped back into his bowl after a change of water, he seems to drop dead. Cut to a brief funeral and a plunge in the toilet… And then, just as he’s being flushed away, he shows signs of…

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