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Often Have Digestive Problems? It Might Indicate Poor Mental Health

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Sometimes with a filled memo of meetings and deadlines, meals get gulped down as you watch the clock ticking, mind set on the next mission of the day. In addition, at your meeting, you sit down and feel bloated like a blow fish. You have an urge to burp but you have to hold back or all eyes will be on you. According to Mark Davis, a nutritional psychologist, when we eat and are going through stress at the same time, our digestive system shuts down.

It is crucial to enjoy meals in a relaxed mode. You enjoy the meal and the flavors tantalize your inner cells. Metabolism and digestion are enhanced. If the metabolic energy in your system is anchored into a survival route, bloodstreams route from digestive organs into legs and arms or even to your brain for thinking on cue. Your body shuts down the digestive function under any circumstance that may trigger even more stress.

Emotions and Your Gut


The digestive system walls are linked to health, mood, and even thoughts….

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