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Dwayne Johnson's Upcoming 'Rampage' Movie Will Be 'Emotional,' According to Its Director

Monster movies are rarely high-concept — they generally involve a monster smashing through city streets, while innocent people run and scream and freak out over the fact that, you know, there’s a monster in the street. The classic 1986 video game Rampage boiled its chosen genre down to its barest essence, having you control one of three titanic beasts (a gorilla, lizard, or werewolf) tasked with destroying urban buildings. Now that it’s destined to become a big-budget Warner Bros. film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, however, the issue is — how do you turn such a paper-thin premise into a gripping feature-length adventure?

According to Brad Peyton (who’s previously directed Johnson in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas), you craft a saga that’s both scarier and more emotional. Speaking with We Got This Covered (via Collider), Peyton told fans that they’re in for a big surprise when the tentpole film eventually touches down in theaters.


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