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'Fantastic Beasts' Was Packed With Clues That Credence Could Be Related To Voldemort

I recently checked out Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, mainly because my wife is a huge Potterhead (not gonna lie, I find the series super charming as well), but also because the dude from Balls of Fury was in it.


And although my knowledge of Potter-lore pales in comparison to my wife’s, I still have a good grasp on the basics. Like a general timeline of events and that Voldemort, despite being a super evil being, is a relatively new one; he’s predated by the events of Fantastic Beasts by a few decades, as the movie’s set in 1926.

However, believe that Beasts’ tortured villain, Credence, is definitely connected to he-who-shall-not-be-named in some not-so-tenuous ways.



The insane obscurus power that Credence possesses and how a piece of him seemingly escapes at the film’s conclusion when he’s been “destroyed” strongly suggests that the series isn’t done with the boy-with-the-weird-haircut (his new name now, deal with it).

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