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‘F*cking buckle your seat belt’: Jon Stewart sounds the rallying cry for fighting Trump’s agenda

Former ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart talks to David Axelrod during an interview on May 9, 2016. (University of Chicago)

It’s been over a year since “Daily Show” genius Jon Stewart walked away from his war against bullsh*t and as the 2016 Election post-mortems play out, Stewart cut through the noise to talk about the new President-Elect.

“It is odd to be in a position of knowing that the leader of the free world tweeted that you were a p*ssy at 1:30 in the morning,” Stewart said at his latest TimesTalks appearance.

But while many are quick to blame Hillary Clinton’s loss on racist and sexist voters, Stewart disagreed.

“Not everybody that voted for Trump is a racist,” he explained. “I don’t give a f*ck what any of you say to me. You can yell it at me, you can tweet it at me. They’re not all racists. Or they’re not giving tacit support to a racist system … We all give tacit support to exploitative systems as long as they don’t affect us that…

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