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He Filled A Mason Jar With Shards Of Glass And The End Result Is Absolutely Beautiful

When it comes to DIY projects, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” are words to live by.

Case in point, the designs of JackmanWorks. This busy craftsman has his own work studio filled with many of his projects and creations, and it just so happens to be located next to a glassblowing studio. Our designer isn’t above digging through the dumpster to find shards of colored glass to aid in his creativity.

And taking that DIY motto to heart, JacksmanWorks is able to use glassy remains to make some pretty unbelievable projects. Just recently, he turned some pieces he found in the trash into epic table lamps.

First, our builder cut down an old sawhorse he had previously built to serve as the base for the lamps.

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