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Fly an Official Star Wars Drone With Real Laser Cannons

Star Wars fans have long been able to buy scale models of Starfighters and other craft from the franchise, and a new crop of models vying for their attention appears to be more of the same—until you examine their eyebrow-raising $240 price tag and realize that they actually fly.

Yes, toy drone maker Propel has negotiated the strict Lucasfilm licensing regime to create official quadcopter versions of Tie Fighters, X-Wing Starfighters, and even the Speeder Bike. First revealed in July, a few prototypes arrived in San Francisco this week for a press demonstration ahead of the start of public sales on Friday.

Star Wars Drones

Like most other Star Wars toys, the drones are meant to serve as memorabilia as much as they are playthings. That’s immediately apparent just from looking at the boxes they come in, which have their own batteries, pedestal lights, and soundtracks that activate when you remove their covers. These are unmistakably collectors’ items.

The drones themselves are meant for…

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