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Yes, Goat Yoga Is A Thing. Here’s Why It’s Awesome! [Watch]

A new type of class has taken the Oregon yoga community by storm.


It is literally impossible to be in the presence of goats and not smile. The rambunctious, spastic, and adorable bleating critters are hilarious to watch and are even cuter to play with – or, in some cases, do yoga with.

In Albany, Oregon, a new type of class has taken the yoga community by storm. For the last few years, Lainey Morse has been hosting goat yoga which, yes, incorporates goats into the therapeutic and stress-relieving practice.

The phenomena gained national attention, which resulted in people flying from all over the United States to experience the radical new class for themselves. In fact, the waiting list to try out Goat Yoga has grown to over 1,200 yogis who are infatuated with the idea of doing downward dog with a goat on their back (seriously).


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