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Great Ideas For DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

There is no gift more personal or thoughtful than a gift basket, but they can also come off as a bunch of junk you threw together at the last minute because you couldn’t be bothered to buy a real gift.

However, the junky factor can be avoided by thinking about what the recipient likes, what you can make that won’t look like crap, and how much the recipient cares about overall presentation.

Guys are less likely to give or receive gift baskets during the holidays, but if the baskets contained cool stuff for barbecuing, like a homemade rub and sauce and some special tools, they’d get the gift basket appeal.

And speaking of appeal- orange-cardamom marmalade. It’s a yummy treat that’s pretty easy to make, and it adds that homemade wow factor to any basket you put together.

But what if you’re hopeless in the kitchen? You should consider giving a themed gift basket that contains cooking utensils and other kitchen stuff, soaps and stuff for the bathroom, etc.


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