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This Guy's Girlfriend Kept Sending Him Messages On Facebook…But She Was Dead

When Redditor natesw’s girlfriend, Emily, died in a car accident in 2012, he was devastated.

In an effort to keep her memory alive by looking at her photos and sending her occasional messages, he left her Facebook page up. However, just over a year after her death, he became so creeped out when he started receiving messages from her account that he began sharing these occurrences on Reddit’s NoSleep forum.

After getting the first messages on September 4, 2013, he assumed that they were coming from her mom, Susan, who shared access to Emily’s page with him.

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But Susan quickly put that suspicion to rest when she told him it hadn’t been her. Things only got stranger from there.

Nathan then believed that one of Emily’s friends might be playing an extremely tasteless joke on him, as he realized that this person was recycling her older messages.