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Two Guys Snapchat Their Dramatic Rescue Of A Baby Penguin Stuck In A Storm Drain

Josh Pirini and Scott Martin were taking pictures of the graffiti painted along a storm drain in Sydney when they heard the pitter patter of little feet walking up and down the drain.

When they went down to investigate, they were shocked to find a baby penguin that was panicking because it somehow got stuck in a dead-end drain and couldn’t get back up. They called the RSPCA and told then what they had seen, but they didn’t believe them, insisting that the two mistook the penguin for a plover or an ibis instead. 

Knowing that they were right, they went down into the drain to find the penguin, but after three hours were unable to locate him until a sudden rush of water flushed the flightless bird out.

They found an old towel in the storm drain and went about trying to help it, and documented the endeavor on Snapchat.

Eventually, the poor little guy tired out, and they were able to capture him.

They waited for the RSPCA to show up, dumbfounded that they actually had a penguin on…

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