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Let's Be Honest, Santa Is Kind Of Scary…And These Kids Totally Know It

All kids love the idea of getting presents from Santa Claus, but meeting the man, the myth, the legend? That’s a different story entirely.

Despite his jolly reputation, there’s something a bit spooky about him. The red suit, white beard, and bellowing laugh makes for an imposing figure, yet kids are encouraged to crawl onto his lap and smile for a photo. It’s no wonder that many break down and show just how terrified they really are.

These 16 kids know just how scary Santa can be. After seeing their photos, I can’t help but feel a bit traumatized by Old Saint Nick myself!

1. Nothing says happy holidays like having a breakdown on Santa’s lap.

2. “Mother! Father! Why have you forsaken me?”

3. I bet this kid needed a lot of therapy.

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