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The Horror Movie Actors Behind The Iconic Masks

It must suck to be the star of a slasher flick, because nobody ever really knows your name or your face since you’re stuck wearing a mask or makeup the entire time.

The hockey mask becomes famous, the weird William Shatner mask becomes iconic and the skin mask and chainsaw are easily identified by all, and yet far too few know Kane Hodder is the man who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday The 13th movies.

It’s common knowledge that Robert Englund played Freddy Krueger in every Nightmare On Elm Street flick, but are you familiar with the name Nick Castle?

He’s the guy who played Michael Myers in the original Halloween movies, and yet Nick is way more famous for being the co-writer of Escape From New York than for his chilling portrayal of Michael Myers.

And let’s not forget Doug Bradley, the guy who’s happy to be called Pinhead because he plays that sinister Cenobite in the Hellraiser movies.

Doug has fully embraced the darkness that comes with playing the head…

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