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Keith Richards: There are times on stage when I feel immortal

Making music and performing gets more interesting with age, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards tells Anthony Mason, in an interview for “CBS Sunday Morning” — and there are times, Richards says, he feels immortal on stage.


The British band has been performing for more than half a century. As far as creating music, Richards said, “I can’t imagine not being enthusiastic about it. And as long as I’ve got the guys — a solid group of guys around me that feel the same way — then I start to feel immortal for a little while.”

In an interview to air Sunday, December 4, Richards, 72, and Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, 73, talk with Mason about their careers, their views on the future of the band, and their new album, “Blue and Lonesome,” an unplanned collection of blues covers they recorded in three days while preparing to create a different album.


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