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Mall Of America's Santa Is Black This Year And Some People Aren't Happy

Larry Jefferson-Gamble of Dallas, Texas, has been volunteering as Santa in schools and hospitals since his nephews fell ill around Christmas years ago and he got a suit to surprise them. 

And this year, he’s got one of the biggest gigs in the world of Santa impersonators, he’ll be the first black Santa that the Minneapolis’ Mall of America has ever had. 

Jefferson-Gamble says that out a thousand Santas at the Santa Convention this year, he was the only Santa of color. Which he says is a shame because kids of color really enjoy seeing a Santa that looks like them. 

“It gives them something to identity with,” Jefferson-Gamble told CBS, “but Santa is still just Santa.”

“Just Saturday, I was doing an event, and one child said, ‘Santa, you’re brown,’ and I said, ‘Yes, I am, but Santa comes in many different colors.’ He said, ‘Oh,’ so I gave him a candy cane, he ran off with other kids.” 

Jefferson-Gamble added that to most kids, his color doesn’t…

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