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Man In Coma Doesn’t Respond To Anyone Until His Dog Shows Up For A Visit [Watch]

The 73-year-old looked like he was smiling when Nancy came to visit.

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

When Giovanni Del Sere collapsed from a heart attack, perhaps the one most devastated by this sudden incident was his dog, Nancy, that he was walking at the time. Though paramedics arrived in time to save the 73-year-old man’s life, he fell into a coma from which he would never recover.

Credit: Deborah Del Sere

As the ambulance rushed away with Giovanni, Nancy stayed behind with Giovanni’s daughter, Deborah, who is a dog lover and knew she could help mend the little dog’s broken heart. As her father’s health continued to dwindle because of lack of response while in his coma, Deborah became sad at the prospect that Nancy would never know what happened to her dad and get closure. Since Nancy faithfully continued to wait at the door for her dad’s return, Deborah knew…

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