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McDonald’s Japan Getting Candied Sweet Potato Fries (That Aren’t Sweet Potatoes)

So you might think if McDonald’s in Japan was gearing up to offer new candied sweet potato fries they might, I don’t know, use sweet potatoes. That’s not how they roll at the Japanese Golden Arches though. No, they are using their normal potato fries, and then selling them with some sort of weird looking sweet sauce that has black sesame seeds in it.

These are even stranger than those chocolate fries we saw back around Halloween. The name of the dish translates roughly to “Japanese Style French Fries Candied Sweet Potato Flavor.” Apparently, these things are called “University Fries” in Japan because they were popular with college students in the 1900’s.

I love me some McDonald’s fries, but making normal potato fries taste like sweet potato fries seems like an excellent chance to use actual sweet potatoes.

[via Kotaku]

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