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Meat Loaf Sees Dead People

Meat Loaf Sees Dead People

(For those of you already confused, we’re referring to Meat Loaf, the rock singer … not the savory dish that goes well with mashed potatoes and gravy.)

In an interview this week, Meat Loaf addressed death. Not his own – although he had some things to say about the rumors – but the ghosts of dead people he claims to see while walking down the street. Any street?

I think if we walked together down a busy street in London, somebody that looked like a normal person would no doubt pass us, but you might feel a temperature change and a heavy feeling. It would be a like a weight was on your chest and you’d got tired all of a sudden. If we turned around at that moment and followed the person who just passed us, he would disappear.

By “we” he means Meat Loaf, or at least the half of him that’s left after a major weight loss due to his own alleged near-death experience in June during a concert in Canada. Meat – the name he prefers to real name…

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