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Michael Che Eventually Finds His Rhythm in His New Netflix Special

I like Michael Che. I like the fact that he’s regularly on the air. I like the fact that he’s performing. I think that Michael Che’s strength is when people feel like they know him. The thing is, twenty-five minutes into his new Netflix special, Michael Che Matters, I didn’t really feel like I knew him.
Then—for a moment—he started talking about his mother.
Before that, he set the moment up by talking a little bit about religion. “I believe in God. I just don’t like to bother him,” he said, and it’s a good line—but it deserves a better pivot than a few serious sentences before asking, “How are we going to get rid of this baby?” As a joke, it’s relatively close, but it’s not quite where it could be.
“My Mother’s a Christian,” he said. “My mother’s a very religious woman. She used to take me to church all the time.” He paused for half a beat, then added, “It was cool.”
And that’s my guess at who I think Che is: a…

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