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One Mom Decided To Fight The Breastfeeding Stigma By Making A Breastfeeding Barbie

There’s no denying that the general public has “a breastfeeding problem.” Even a brief perusal of social media will yield new mothers’ horror stories of being shamed or mistreated in public for trying to feed their infants. 

The stigma surrounding women’s bodies (in a context for anything other an ogling) seems to make a large number of people exceedingly uncomfortable — and moms are ready to take on their critics and educate people on the age-old, entirely natural, and often necessary practice of breastfeeding

That’s why Betty Strachan, a mother of two from Brisbane, Australia, decided to make her own breastfeeding Barbie, appropriately called “Mamas Worldwide Barbie.”

The doll-maker has two boys (ages three and five) and wanted to use her artistic talents to end the ever-increasing public fear of breastfeeding. Addressing this fear, she believes, can start with children and their toys. 

“Children learn a lot of behaviours through play and other stimuli,” Strachan said in a…

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