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Origin Mechanical Watch by Grayton Is Dumb, But the Band Is Smart

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I have a smartwatch, and I will admit that I am tired of the big digital thing on my wrist. It’s not very cool to look at. I really like the idea of this Origin watch from Grayton. It’s a self-winding mechanical watch with stuff moving inside the case you can see. The watch itself simply tells the time. It’s the watch band that’s smart here, with fitness tracking and notification capabilities.

grayton_origin_mechanica_smartwatch_1zoom in

This design means you get no LCD to see who is calling or read texts though. What you get are vibrations that tell you what sort of notification it is and then you look at the phone to read or see what’s going on. That part sort of sucks and defeats the smartwatch purpose to me, but the watch sure is cool. I’ll take the black face with gray and black band please.

If you want one grab one on Indiegogo today for as little as $149, because the MSRP is expected to be $395.

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