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Parents Get High With Their Kids For The First Time… And It’s Kind Of Awesome [Watch]

Parents and their kids bond over quality weed and munchies in this social experiment.

Credit: Cut

Though the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in many U.S. states and in various countries around the world, the stigma surrounding the use of the herb is beginning to decline. That’s because components of the plant have been found to benefit a number of illnesses, such as seizures, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and arthritis. Additionally, the herb is responsible for 0 deaths each year, making it a safer substance to consume than alcohol and even pharmaceutical drugs. (Read more here)

As these truths are recognized and economies benefit due to the recreational legalization of the herb, more and more people are allowing themselves to toke for the first time. Unsurprisingly, many millennials have already tried smoking, vaping, or consuming the bud…

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