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People Are Tweeting About What Really Offends Them, And Don't Worry — It's Not Political

2016 has been a trying year (to say the least) — and a quick read-through of Twitter will clue you in to the fact that people are pretty damn offended by the events of the last 12 months. 

So, when #ItReallyOffendsMeWhen began trending on Twitter, we cringed and hesitated to click. Would there be any new information or rant we hadn’t heard in the last month? We were acutely aware of the problems plaguing people; was this hashtag really necessary?

Ultimately, people did enter the dreaded political realm to vent frustrations and call out injustices. But the real heroes gave everyone a break from the pressing issues and vented their critically unimportant problems… Most of which were food related. 


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