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This Pup And His Foster Bestie's Instagram Is All You Need To Get In The Holiday Spirit

As 2016 draws to a close and we reflect on the tumultuous past twelve months, getting in the “the holiday spirit” might feel challenging. But we can’t let political turmoil and negative headlines define the entire year because we don’t want to miss the stories that are actually worth remembering. 

If you’re not feeling optimistic about people or the world in general, take a look at one Instagram-documented friendship that will undoubtedly make your heart explode. 

Meet Reagan the Labradoodle who’s insta-famous for his adorable photos with his owner’s foster grandchild. 

Sandi Swiridoff adopted the Labrador-Poodle mix when he was just 11 months old, and she was touched to see how he bonded with her daughter’s  11-month-old foster child, who they call Reagan’s “little buddy.”

“They just loved each other from day one,” she told NBC News

The pooch and his bestie (who are now three years old) wear matching outfits and cuddle — and they’re boasting an…

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