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Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier: iBoobTube

Transform your smartphone into an old school television set with this whimsical gadget from Firebox. The Smartphone Magnifier holds your phone inside of a faux wood television cabinet, and makes it look like your grandparent’s old boob tube.

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It magnifier is designed specifically to distort the image on its 8″ screen. You’ll just need to find an app that can superimpose scan lines on your videos to complete the retro effect. I love how the smartphone holder looks like an old VHS tape.

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The only downside to this thing is that it appears to be constructed from cardboard. For $26, I was hoping it might be made from something more durable. Maybe someone on Etsy or Instructables will make a version from wood and plastic.

[via Laughing Squid]

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