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Review: iKlip Grip Pro – One Smartphone Mount to Rule them All

If you like to shoot videos or photos with your smartphone, chances are you have at least one accessory like a selfie stick or a tripod. Each of these serves a purpose, but it’s frankly a pain to carry around multiple gadgets. Enter the iKlip Grip Pro, an extremely versatile accessory that not only works as a telescoping selfie stick, but works as a tripod, and as a handheld grip. It holds pretty much any smartphone on the market, with or without a case.

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In handheld mode, it works as a grip that keeps your fingers away from the screen, and adds stability to shots. You can then extend the grip’s telescoping rod and use it as a selfie stick, or to get shots over the heads of a crowd. An integrated, detachable Bluetooth shutter lets you operate your iOS or Android camera remotely. The pole extends from 19cm (~7.4 in) to 63 cm (~24.4 in) in length, and locks securely in place at each of its four segments.

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At the base of the iKlip Grip Pro are three legs which pop out to form a tripod. This works well for cases where you want to have rock solid shots, and is great when used in conjunction with the remote for shooting videos of yourself. The ball-head mount holds firmly, and offers a wide degree of adjustability, and lets you lock…

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