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Romantic Encounter with Necrophiliac/Cannibal

Claim: Girl’s unusual medical condition leads to the discovery that the boy she’s been intimate with has been having sex with (or eating) corpses.

Origin:In June 2010, the Malta Independent reported on a gruesome tale which had recently been sweeping that island:

This story has been doing the rounds all over the island over the past week or so, and many people believed it but, when pressed, all they could say was that they knew someone who knew someone who knew the girl, etc.

Media reports about sexual intercourse with corpses in the Mater Dei mortuary were denied and condemned by Mater Dei Hospital management.

Favourite News had reported that a former worker at the Mater Dei mortuary had had sexual intercourse with corpses and, as a result, a woman who had had a sexual relationship with him had suffered from a sexually transmitted disease.

The story, which is…

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