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He Saved 669 Children From The Holocaust And He Had No Idea They Were All Around Him

The Second World War wasn’t officially declared until September 1, 1939, however, this was hardly the start of Hitler’s reign of terror.

More than a year before the war began, Germany and Italy both became aggressive powers across the European Union. By March 1938, Germany had annexed Austria in an attempt to make much of Europe a “Greater German Reich.” Not long after the claim of Austria, Hitler and his supporters began showing interest in taking over the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.

With threats of war looming across Europe, a large rescue effort aimed at saving children from Nazi-ruled countries had begun. While almost 10,000 refugee children were brought into the the U.K. as part of the rescue effort, there was one man who was able to rescue nearly 700 children all on his own.

Nicholas Winton, a…

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