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Scientists Found Tissue Remains In A Dino Bone…Could 'Jurassic Park' Be Real?

Hold onto your butts. In theory, a real “Jurassic Park” situation could be unfolding as we speak.

Actually recreating a dinosaur would be a long way off, but thanks to a 195-million-year-old dinosaur rib, it is theoretically possible. On January 31, scientists published their ground-breaking discovery in Nature Communications. Deep inside a fossilized rib bone, they believe they’ve found traces of collagen, protein, and possibly blood — the basic building blocks that it would take to clone a dinosaur.

Before you totally freak out, just know that the rib bone did not come from a “sharptooth.” Rather, the material was found in the rib bone of a Lufengosaurus, a common leaf-eater from the Early Jurassic period.


According to paleontologists, the Lufengosaurus looked something like this. They grew to be roughly…

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