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Why “Speed Reading Helps You Read More” Is A Myth

If you have a pile of books to read as big as mine, you’ll understand the desire to read them as fast as possible. I have always been a slow reader, and it was only recently I considered learning how to speed read. But something stopped me. I felt that I wouldn’t get as much depth out of what I read and it turns out, my instincts were right.

While you may physically look at more words when speed reading, it turns out, you won’t actually be taking them in. Here’s why it doesn’t work.

The first suggestion for speeding up your reading is to take in more words than we naturally would. That means aiming for consuming whole lines instead of individual words. This is possible but we don’t really take in the sense of the sentence. It’s like trying to eat three mouthfuls at once. -Hard to digest.

The second is to get rid of your inner voice that you hear when reading. The…

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