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Starving Child Deemed To Be A Witch Recently Had His First Day Of School!

Approximately a year ago, a starving toddler was rescued in Nigeria. Recently, the transformed boy attended his first day of school!

Approximately a year ago, a starving child on the brink of death was rescued by a Danish aid worker in Nigeria. As True Activist reported in January of 2016, the community refused to feed or assist the toddler because they believed he was a witch.

Anja Ringgren Lovén broke the society’s rules when she refused to let the frail child go a minute longer without food, love, or a safe place to live. The iconic photo paired with the story shows Lovén tipping a water bottle into the mouth of the boy, who was later named Hope.

Credit: Anja Ringgren Lovén/DINNødhjælp

Eight months after Hope found refuge and the support he needed, he looked like a completely different child. Now, it’s been approximately a year since Lovén with the…

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