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Tabloid Art History Finds The Epic Resemblances Between Paparazzi Pics And Classic Art

Our definitions of “art” and “entertainment” change over time. Surely if High Renaissance painters were to wander into a current modern art exhibition where patrons are encouraged to use the mangled Barbie on display to crack walnuts, they would be horrified. But hey, to us, it’s art. 

Creativity and popular culture are not static — our tastes and ideas are always evolving. So, while people once ogled (okay, probably not ogled… admired?) paintings of Aphrodite, we stare at paparazzi and Instagram photos of Kendall Jenner. 

One hilarious Twitter account, TabloidArtHistory, decided to merge the popular culture of today and centuries ago by finding current celebrity’s classic art doppelgangers. As it turns out, for every ridiculous paparazzi photo, there is a masterpiece to match.

As the account’s creators say: “Because for every pic of Lindsay Lohan falling, there’s a Bernini sculpture begging to be referenced.”

Hollywood’s happiest and saddest moments captured on camera…

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