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Toast PS4 Skins Give Your Console Wood

Are you tired of your plain old black PlayStation 4 console? Maybe it’s time you gave it a proper makeover and wrapped it in real wood. Thanks to the folks at Toast, you can upgrade the styling of your PS4 or PS4 Pro with real wood skins.

These precision-cut, matched-grain wood veneers have stick-on backs to adhere to your console, and leave all the proper openings for connectors and ventilation, while looking totally awesome.

If for some strange reason you ever want to go back to basic black, the adhesive is removable and designed to not leave any sort of permanent residue.

The skins come in four different shades and types of wood: walnut, bamboo, ebony, and ash. They sell for just $49(USD) a set, and for an extra $5, they’ll even custom laser engrave your case with a message of your choice.

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