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Did a Trump Supporter Kick a Pregnant Muslim Woman in the Stomach?

Claim: A President Trump supporter kicked a Muslim woman in the stomach and killed her unborn twins.

WHAT’S TRUE: A UK man was arrested and charged with “racially or religiously aggravated assault” for kicking a Muslim woman in the stomach and killing her unborn twins.

WHAT’S FALSE: The suspect was a non-U.S. citizen whose political affiliations are not known, and photograph often circulated with this story was taken from an unrelated event.

Origin:On 8 February 2017, the web site Alternative Media Syndicate published an article reporting that a “Trump supporter” had kicked a pregnant Muslim woman in the stomach, killing her two unborn twins:

Trump Supporter “Kicked Pregnant Muslim Woman In Stomach Killing Unborn Twins”

A MAN was charged today charged over a race attack on a pregnant woman who later lost her unborn twin babies.

David Gallacher, 37, is…

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