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The Truth About Some Of Those Amazing Photos You See Online

People love to cry “fake” when they see amazing photos online, and while plenty of fakes have been posted there are also lots of real shots created by creative photographers that blow people’s minds.

Flickr user “Patrick” shot pictures of glass covered in water droplets above a bowl of M&M’s with a macro lens to create the trippy psychedelic pic above.

Photographer Michael Paul Smith doesn’t own the actual vintage cars featured in his “photos of the past”- he uses the power of perspective to make scale models look like full sized cars cruising down the streets of Boston.

These staged landscape shots created by Matthew Albanese look so realistic people actually believe they’re amazing pics shot outdoors at just the perfect time, but they’re actually all shot inside Matthew’s studio.

Matthew creates miniature landscapes that fit on a table top, then he uses forced perspective to make them look like massive outdoor scenes- he created this cool tornado shot with…

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