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Twitter Is Losing Its Mind Over These Horrible Promo Photos For Britney Spears’ Biopic

In honor of Britney Spears’ 35th birthday on Thursday, Lifetime released the first photos of its upcoming biopic Britney, a story of the singer’s “rise to fame, fall from grace and eventual triumph and resurrection.”

The movie, due in early 2017 is rumored to chronicle her early career successes, relationship with Justin Timberlake, marriage to Kevin Federline, ‘tumultuous’ period in 2007, and present undertakings. 

The released photos, however, are NOT PROMISING.

lifetime / twitter

lifetime / twitter

…Is that supposed to be Britney Spears? Don’t even get us started on the random guys in those photos.

Of course, Reigning Champion of Twitter Chrissy Teigen had to weigh in immediately. 

And shortly thereafter, a Twitter firestorm began. How could diehard Brit fans not be offended by…

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